Why people love to share Messages?

Can you imagine human life without communication? No we can’t. History of communication changes day by day, Lot of research is done in this field.New tools new technique.
Speech developed 500,000 year ago. Symbols about 30,000 years ago & writing 5000 years ago probably every sms contain emotion. We use emoji to express our emotion.

If we took look at history of communication start from cave painting to messages contain emotion. So why people share messages, quotes?
I bet you can’t live without facebook, whatsapp because it gives feeling of connectedness.
We share photos, sms, message, post status, tag people, chat with friend.
That’s why we collected messages to wish your friend. Good morning quotes to send your friend. Billions of people share messages with their friend. Appx.50% of user post good morning sms on their wall. This new sensation changes entire world of communication. Such transmission has been going on for hundreds of years.
Initially cave painting, pictogram, Ideograms is use for communication and now we have instagram to share photos, facebook, email, whatsapp.
Every living organism communicates with each other.

Social media for public relations

Share love

Research proves that bird, gorilla, dolphin uses some language to communicate with each other.
Great way to start our day is to share message to each other, Wishing family with Good night sms also sending your love a text message .People share stories, sms, quotes with people around them. FB, whatsapp make easy and faster to share content. People create blog to share their thoughts.Images done same impact as messages does people love to share good morning images on facebook with quotes to keep their friend happy and their friend also comment on their status.
Articles with positive emotions were generally more viral, negative emotions .If take look why people share such message? There are different answers to question
1. People share messages because it is to share now days. Put what’s on your mind and click post button that’s it
2. People love to share images, sms and needs others opinion. They always need to update profile picture and want other friend comment on their photo, sharing their thought, some user also love to hit like of other people comment to show that he or she agree with him.
3. People create fb page to publish viral message, they share YouTube video
4.  People love to share things that have a story, exclusive.
5. Some people share funny photo, selfies, dubsmash video
So that’s why on this website we share funny, cute, sweet ,romantic text messages that you can use it. Feel free to use message, sms on this website share it on facebook, whatsapp, reddit, pintrest.
Don’t think that you just share some text actually you share emotions, you’re feeling. No this is not change your life but definatly it going to be helpful for you, your family, your friend, your girlfriend or boyfriend.

OK!!!! Just remember this last sentence SHARING IS CARING.
Hope you enjoy this post. Keep sharing your thoughts, feeling with your friend. It removes all your stress and gives you happiness.

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