Top Most Playing Games For Low End Android Devices

November 9, 2016

Day by Day Android is Gaining its popularity more and more because not everyone can afford Video Games consoles but everyone can now afford smartphones.because there is lots of competition among big companies and with this competition users are taking great advantage.because, with this competition there has been a good devaluation in prices of smartphones and Today we are going to post about Some Most Playing android games.

There are thousands of games which are having million of downloads but we are sharing those which are Really great.There is no age to play games,not every for everyone but for those who think this.I have always been action game lover and without action game it seems like I have been Beating myself without any reason due to tapping on screen for playing such game.There are thousand of categories of the game and every game contains different shapes and different type of things and their action plans.

best top playing game for android


Most Playing Games For Android 2016

Today I am gonna Reveal some of the Most Playing Games For Android 2016. For the ascertaining popularity of a game,we often check out their reviews and starts with Downloads. But some of the games are so much popular they have really fewer reviews on their Games.

So, these are the Best Top Playing Games For Android 2016 which are chosen by those players who are actionable gaming lover. And I am also one of them to be very frank.

1.Zombie Highway

Zombie highway is a great action game which is also a driving game where you have to move you car too fast to get rid of will be provided with lots of different guns to smash the enemies as soon before they attack you.there you will have to drive you car blindly just like the is empty. Your all focus must be in the game because the zombies are really horrible and there will be destroyed cars on the road you have to make sure you are not hitting them up.the game contains cool 3d graphics with actionable sound effects which make game more horrible .it is available free for android users.

2.Clash of clans

Clash of clans one of the best Top Playing games for android there, you will have to build your own city with the powerful building so enemies troops couldn’t destroy it. There you will have to prepare your troops with great actionable weapons and to make them feel that they are not alone. You will have to earn more gyms and to find more goods to make your troops more powerful with powerful weapons and great safety is available free for android users.


Minecraft became the most popular and most playing game over the game gained more popularity among those players who love actionable games and indeed i am one of them too.users have made servers to play with their friends and among top players to avail free multiplayer mode in Minecraft with Free Minecraft account(Premium one).Minecraft contains great modes which enhance its enjoyable moments in the game. It contains really cool sound with high definition graphics and with cool sound effects which makes it more adorable. It is available free for android users.

Conclusion :- 

You can download all kind of games from playstore but if you don’t want to use playstore then you should download aptoide app.Aptoide app is also available for ios. Please download aptoide apk for ios

So This was our article which is related to most playing games for android in 2016.Trust me the games which we have listed above are the best games in 2016.You will love to play them.Moreover, If You have any queries related to this article, do let us know through comments we will try our best to reply you as soon as possible.


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