Top 3 free online infographic maker 2016

May 8, 2016

On today post we are going talk about the the best free infographic maker.We already share information on what is infographic, how to create them and advantage of creating infographic.

Then we share how to create how to create free infographic using canva.After publishing post many people asked us to provide more sites like canva.


So therefore we decided to create new post featuring top 3 free online infographic maker.

If you are looking for best free infographic maker thn you should read this post.

Many infographic maker available on the internet each of them provide it’s unique set of features so it is very difficult to find best infographic available.

I used many infographic makers some of them are very good and some of them are bad.

So I know which infographic maker is best.

Here I compiled list of top 3 infographic maker.


Canva yes again and again I am reapeting that canva is the best online infographic maker.Canva is the most popular online infographic maker.

Read: How to create free infographic using canva


Pictochart provide easy way to create beautiful and professional looking infographic with spending single ring dimes on hiring professional designer.

500 ready made infographic templates designed by designer of pictochart are available for use.

They weekly add new infographic template on their site.

Creating infographic using pictochart is easy first pick up any template you like then edit text, add your own photos or graphs and the click save.

Your infographic is done


Vengage is an another free infographic maker similer to canva and piktochart.

First you need to sign up to veengage.

Choose any infographic template and edit that template.

Vengage provide easy drag drop objesct feature means that you can drag any object available on the dashboard and drop it on your template.

Vengage provide social sharing facility so that you can share your infographic on pinterest, twitter and many other social networking sites.

You can download your infographic as in pdf or image format.

So these are the top 3 free online infographic maker.



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