How to Select strong password for your account

December 19, 2016

Tips to select Strong password

The 21st Century is the century of technology. The technology is developing rapidly and the demand for new technology is also increasing rapidly. Today almost everyone is using cellphone, computer and many other gadgets. Also everyone is having many accounts on the internet such as G-mail, confidential files on internet, facebook, Twitter, Bank Accounts and many more.

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With the growth of technology the cyber crime is also increase. The hacker can hack your confidential information. To prevent the hacker to enter into your account you need to secure your accounts on the internet. You can do this by selecting a strong password to your different accounts.

tips for selecting strong password

Here are some tips to select a strong password.

  • Your password should not be same as your username. If you have so change it immediately. The hacker can easily crack this password
  • Don’t use same password multiple accounts.
  • Change your password after every month or at least after every three months.
  • Don’t select the repeated password
  • Do not select the password which contains your name followed by your birth date.
  • Do not take a dictionary word as your password.
  • To select strong password make a combination of numbers (1, 5, 6), characters (# @ $ %) or letters ( V D G H T).
  • Even after doing this change your password regularly.
  • Try to add the uppercase character (A H F T) and Lowre case character (a g h u e) to your password. (E.g. sTUaRt tHomSOn)


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