How to create Free infographic using Canva

April 23, 2016

Sorry for the late post this week I am so busy I don’t have time to write article for this site. Sorry this is mainly due to my college, travel and other thing but now wait is over I decided to take this site to new level.

My plan for this site:

1> Post new quality content.

2>Change site structure

3> create new logo.(top logo maker)

If you remember correctly in our last post we talk about what is infographic and advantage of infographic.

So this is part two of this series on this post we talk about how to create good looking infographic and how to use it.

Basically in this post we share you top 5 online infographic creation tool that allow you to create infographic easily without any hard work.

Before creating infographic you need to decide following point because in infographic we depend more on visual item such as pictures and graphics and not on text.

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We can’t put any long text on our infographic because it looks bad.

Here is the key thing to note down before creating infographic.

1>On which topic you want to create infographic.

2> Decide color scheme

3>main points in your niche

Ok once you decide these things you are ready to go.


canva intro page

If you ask me which is the best infographic maker? My answer is canva.

No doubt canva is more powerful free infographic maker on the internet.

Canva provide readymade templates NO this is not simple template.

This templates looks best and created by designers of canva.

Canva provide easy drag and drop object feature means that you can drag any object you like from the dashboard

to the infographic template.

Creating infographic is very easy just click on ‘Create new infographic” button then they ask you to signup.

You can sign up using facebook or google.

In case if you don’t want to login using facebook or google you can create free account on canva.

In next step you need to select infographic template you like and edit that template, ad new text and add new object.

canva dashbord

If you want more templates you can buy paid canva template but free templates work very well.

Once you create infographic click on save.

This is it.

Within few minute you can create awesome infographic freely by using canva.


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