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August 14, 2015

Goodnight messages are usually sent as a good night greeting. Send romantic good night quotes from here to your sweetheart and make them know what you think of them.
Some buddies like to send best good night text messages and good night wishes in their native languages i.e English or hindi. And almost every lover is supposed to send a love sms or a sweet / romantic good night quotes before he finally went to the dreamland.

If you want to wish your loved ones a goodnight or update goodnight statuses on your social media like Facebook or Instagram, there are wonderful quotes that will give you the uttermost appreciation from your friends. Here are some good night quotes that you can use to express care and love towards your friends as they get to bed.

71. I shall have no other chance to say goodnight until tomorrow, Goodnight, parting with you is a pleasurable woe.

2. Goodnight and don’t be gentle to the night, be furious against the dying of the light.

3. The only way I can wish you a goodnight is by having a good meal and conversation with you.

4. I want to wish a goodnight, my princess, let a thousand angels sing you off to your sleep.

5. It takes honesty to wrap my arm around your shoulder and give you a goodnight kiss.

6. You will have a goodnight because you worked hard during the day, it is the only way you can have a peaceful rest.

7. Want a goodnight hug before you sleep? Put both your hands on your shoulders; it’s a goodnight hug!

8. Your bed is missing you my friend, go enjoy your sleep and dream about all the sweet stories that describe my guardian angel.

9. Get to bed early and wake up early, it will make you healthy and productive.

10. Be careful to greet a stranger in the night my friend, it may be a demon sent to you.

I send you this goodnight text to you to have sweet dreams; let it be the last thing you think about before you sleep.

11.This is my wish for you as you drift to sleep, let all your sweet dreams come true.

12.Somewhere in the middle of the night someone is thinking about you, sending a silent message to the angels to watch over you as you sleep.

13.Sending a late goodnight text to you does not mean I had forgotten to wish you a goodnight, it means that you are the last thing I think about before I sleep.

14.A calm night is signified by the fading sun, the rising stars and the moon.

15.Make your night dreams come true and you will have a longer day than the night.

16. Embrace your bed with happiness knowing that when you wake up tomorrow you shall find me beside you.

17. I know you had a troublesome day, I pray that your night may be more alive and wonderfully colored than the day.

I always want to sleep early, you want to know why? I want my dreams with you to last long.

18. After a tiresome and rewarding day, you deserve to take a rest and enjoy a peaceful sleep, Goodnight friend.

19. Goodnight and make all the beautiful castles out of your subconscious world.

20. Am lying close to your ears to whisper these words; take a deep breath out of the darkness around and travel to a sweet colorful dreamland.

21. Darkness comes before the light; you are sleeping to wake up to a better tomorrow, goodnight full of cherry dreams.

22. Do not be unfair to your bed; it just informed me how eager it is to walk you into the dreamland journey, goodnight friend.

23. I know you are a dreamer, I wish you a goodnight to explore all the horizons of the world in your dreams.

24. You had a successful day; every end of a success marks the start of a new one, I pray that on the morrow you will wake up energetic to face a new successful day.

25. When I know your ghost is moving around, I can’t sleep, so I have to wish a goodnight for me to sleep. Have a goodnight.

26. Let the stars of the sky form a blanket of warmth on you as you sleep and the dark winds soothe you into a peaceful sleep.

27. The day has come to an end, take away all the worries of life keeping it in mind that there are plenty of good times ahead of you to enjoy. Goodnight.

28. When the night is too dark and you cannot see the moon and the stars, stay calm, someone is here to brighten your night.

29. In the morning you are anxious of the day’s occurrences, in the afternoon you are so tired of the office activities, come the evening you are so busy with the family, now the night has come, the only moment for you to have rest. I wish you a good night.

30. As you go to sleep and walk into the world of your secret dreams, I wish I could sneak into them, but it seems impossible to unlock you secret dreams, all I can do is wish you a good night.

31. Without the dark night, we would never have discovered the beautiful stars that brighten up our night, love and enjoy your night.

32. My doctor told me that a great laugh and a long sleep equals to a healthy body. Therefore I send you an early good night wish full of laughter for you to have a long sleep.

33. Yesterday I had a great fight with my pillow, it wanted us to lie on it together but you were away; I am happy that today you are here to spend the night with me.

34. I wish you goodnight and remind you to keep it in mind to wear your best pajamas as you go to sleep; you will travel a lot in dream land and you do not know whom you may meet.

35. Nothing is as special, fulfilling and sweet than wishing you a good night, I would rather lose anything but not this most beautiful moment of wishing you a good night.

36. Everyone desires a good night sleep, I desire the same for you, have a god peaceful night.

37. Everyone experiences a tough day once in a while, if your friend has had a challenging day, the quotes given here can help them walk out of their worries and have a good rest as they sleep. Use these goodnight quotes to be an inspiration to your family and friends.

38. Close your eyes and bring your hand to me to receive my goodnight kiss.

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