Hey welcome thanks for visiting this about us page..

I don’t want to waste your time to tell you about iamalwayswithyou.com.

OK lest’s started!!!!

Hey i am siddhesh owner of this site this is my second site. I completed my degree in computer engineering this year and My hobby is always looking for new knowledge and sharing this knowledge with other.

I really want to do something own like developing android app( Failed as i not enjoying to code and I HATE CODING) SO WHAT CAN I DO KNOW?

Then I thought why not start my own website so 1 year and 6 months back i launch my first website which is not successful like this site as it’s my first time to learn this stuff like domain, hosting at that time don’t know any thing about hosting stuff so i found some tutorial online teaching HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE.

I am the only one in my class that have his own website.

Later last year august 5, 2015 i started this website and decided to took this domain name.

At the time of writing this page this website is 6 months old and nearly 50 post on this and my plan is to add some more quality content, create new logo, change design and hiring new writer for this blog.

I want to make this site more popular currently i set target of 500K visitor per month with next two month.

Let’s  see what happen if you have any new suggestions, idea and want to write for us then please contact me via contact us page

THANKS for reading this ABOUT US page